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Brain Rehab Corrects Injured Parts of the Brain.


Post-Concussion symptoms usually start 2-4 weeks after a concussion. Brain fog, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, light sensitivity, and more start to creep in and make you not feel like yourself. Once you’ve been cleared at the E.R. and know there are no brain bleeds or major issues, that’s when to see us. An interactive, functional neurological exam allows us to identify the areas of the brain that were damaged, then we will prescribe certain brain rehab therapies to correct those parts. We may use any one or a combination of Functional Neurology, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), and Vestibular Rehabilitation to properly treat the real issue.


Post-Concussion Syndrome, Whiplash, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that results in disrupted brain function, stretching and damaging of brain cells. Although most patients don’t realize right away that they have lingering symptoms after a concussion, it can cause effects that are serious, lasting weeks or years.

At your initial exam, we will do testing such as balance and postural analysis, peripheral vision awareness testing, and vestibular testing to pinpoint the injured areas of the brain. Each test gives us clues as to where the injured areas are. Customized treatment options can include brain rehabilitation, nutritional programs, customized vestibular rehabilitation, eye movement therapy, neuromuscular rehabilitation, non-invasive peripheral nerve stimulation, high-frequency vibratory therapy, and/or various manual therapies. 

You Don’t Have to Lose Consciousness to Have a Concussion

Concussion is one of the most misdiagnosed and under-diagnosed conditions. Just because there wasn’t a brain bleed or you didn’t lose consciousness, doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t sustain a concussion. Some of our worst post-concussion syndrome cases have been from whiplash and the patients went way too long being mismanaged and mistreated because no one thought about concussion since there was never an actual hit to the head. The stretching and damaging of brain cells can happen from things like whiplash, a hit to the body, strong, jerky movements like riding a rollercoaster, and more.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

A Non-Invasive Treatment for Healing and Inflammation

Cold Laser Therapy is also one of the options we can use to treat your post-concussion symptoms. LLLT precisely targets injured areas of the brain, reduces inflammation while promoting bio-stimulation at a cellular level in the areas of the symptoms’ origination. LLLT does not produce heat and is completely painless. It works great with or without other treatments, but combined with our other treatments, it is a very powerful treatment for your brain.

Targeted Relief: Unlike invasive surgery or prescription medications that can have harmful side effects on other organs in the body, LLLT’s ability to precisely target and treat brain centers means the only action that occurs during treatment is the painless bio-stimulation of the affected areas. This, in turn, will leave your body and brain better able to recover and return to an active lifestyle.

Obvious Choice: At most facilities that offer LLLT, you’d be paying just for that alone. At our offices, we don’t charge extra for LLLT! When combined with our cutting-edge treatments, you get LLLT on-the-house. Our #1 goal is to get you feeling normal again as quickly as possible using the most state-of-the-art treatments available.

People Who Sustain a Brain Injury are 3X More Likely to Sustain a 2nd Brain Injury and 8X More Likely to Sustain a 3rd

Actually Prevent Future Concussions!

Dr. Harcourt has also developed a very exciting, one-of-a-kind program that can actually help prevent future concussions! His program improves reaction time and neck strength simultaneously to keep concussion from happening in the first place, OR to prevent additional concussions from happening. We employ the Dynavision D2 with specific, customized sequences based on what that particular patient needs to improve on based on their initial exam.

The program is 4 weeks of customized therapies including Dynavision D2 treatment, which improves reaction time, speed and coordination so that you can see a hit coming and be much more likely to avoid it. If you can see a hit coming a react quicker, even getting 1 more inch out of the way turns a direct, concussive hit into a smaller, bounce-off hit.

Secondly, we use a cutting-edge device called the Iron Neck® to increase neck strength so that if an impact does happen, the neck will absorb most of the impact rather than the brain. Dr. Harcourt discovered the Iron Neck® when he went to the Super Bowl in Houston, TX in early 2016, where he attended the First and Future event, which is basically Shark Tank for the NFL. Every NFL team uses this device at this point. Focused, specific neck strengthening exercises will prevent a more serious concussion if a hit does happen. Research has shown that for every 1 pound of increased neck strength, concussion risk drops by 5%. With our neck strengthening program, patients are improving their neck strength by up to 17 pounds – Do the math!*

The Imagine X Concussion Prevention Program is preventing both adults and children from getting their first, OR additional concussions. Multiple concussions are often seen to make symptoms worse and worse each time. After an initial concussion, subsequent concussions can happen with much smaller hits, and the symptoms are much more severe. We see that the symptoms are either compounded on top of each other, or that additional symptoms occur with more hits to the head – even small hits.

Young Brains Are More Susceptible to Concussion

Young brains are more susceptible to head injury than adult brains. Young brains may also require more time to recover. After a concussion, the possibility of sustaining another concussion is greater, in addition to the amount of time it may take to resolve the new condition. New information now indicates that females may be more susceptible than males and that susceptibility may be genetically linked. This is why we recommend that young people do our concussion prevention program whether they’ve ever had a concussion or not. If they have, it is even more important to take this step after rehabilitating from the initial concussion.

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