MQ-7; A One-of-a-Kind Supplement

Dr. Adam Harcourt has been helping patients from around the world overcome neurological disorders for over a decade. His areas of expertise include migraine, post-concussion syndrome, dizziness and vertigo. He is also an expert in female hormones, nutrition, and neuroimmune disorders in children and adults. He co-created the supplement, MQ-7, to help alleviate migraine symptoms and more!

What is MQ-7?

MQ-7 is a physician-formulated brain support supplement created to combine all current products that have been shown in the research to reduce migraine days. Instead of having to try herbs and supplements individually, MQ-7 packs them all into one complete product for your patients. MQ-7 also includes a proprietary amino acid blend which are building blocks for neurotransmitters, and nutrient cofactors to assist in supporting balanced brain function. Each bottle contains a 30 day supply of two, 4 capsule doses per day. MQ-7 is preservative free, and encapsulated in a vegetable-based cellulose.

Why choose MQ-7?

  • MQ-7 is the culmination of years of nutritional research and clinical practice;
  • MQ-7 uses only the exact doses of each component that has been shown in the research to reduce migraine days;
  • MQ-7 will continue to be updated as new research is available, so you can be confident that it is the only migraine supplement you will ever need!

MQ-7 can also help with low energy and anxiety

If you’re feeling sluggish, slow, and foggy brained consider taking MQ-7 and you may feel more positive, alert & energetic!


Has anxiety kept you from making decisions and accomplishing goals? Most people who take MQ-7 don’t feel that way anymore.