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Watch This 3-Minute Video To Learn About Our Cutting-Edge,
Drug-Free Migraine Program!


Watch This 3-Minute Video To Learn About Our Cutting-Edge, Drug-Free Migraine Program!

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Dr. Adam Harcourt is one of the leading doctors in the world on Migraine Treatment. He has developed the Imagine X Migraine Program, written a book titled 'Mastering Migraine', and teaches a 150-hour post-doctoral migraine program to doctors around the world. The Imagine X Migraine Program is based on the 4 main factors of Migraine: Hormonal, Nutritional, Musculoskeletal and Neurological Factors. This 4 Factor approach assesses and treats each factor individually, yet comprehensively. The key to Dr. Harcourt's program is addressing all 4 factors simultaneously. Patients often say how difficult it can be to find and coordinate multiple different practitioners to address all 4 factors at the same time. Dr. Harcourt's approach puts together several concepts straight from migraine research, but that no doctor had put together yet. It took years to read the literature, understand the problem, and discover a solution. Dr. Harcourt's program aims to put you in control of migraine, rather than it happening to you. Dr. Harcourt has developed this program based on the latest research (some of which is his own), his years of experience seeing migraine patients, and his passion for finding the root cause of migraines and correcting them. The program has 2 options, one which also accommodates out-of-town patients. The Imagine X Migraine Program bring patients to our California offices from literally all over the world. Call our office and ask to be connected with Dr. Harcourt via phone to see if the program is right for you. If we are not the right fit for you, Dr. Harcourt has developed an incredible network of doctors in the area over the past decade and will direct you to the best doctor or practitioner for you.

  • Migraine can be a progressive condition and tends to worsen with time.
  • Children with migraines are 50% more likely to have migraines again as an adult.
  • Migraines rarely stay the same or improve. Migraine is a consistently worsening condition.

Most doctors prescribe medications to mask your pain and symptoms because they have not been trained to correct the problem.

Learn About This Drug-Free Method Of Ending Your Misery That Your Primary Doctor May Not Know About

What do you do when you suffer from a migraine? Lie down? Take a pill and hope the pain goes away? If you’re reading this, you want relief and you want it now!

Most people experiencing migraine pain seek help from their family physician. Typically, the examination takes only a few minutes, at which time the doctor confirms you have a migraine and then recommends rest and an over-the-counter medication. In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe a stronger prescription medication.

These common medical treatments focus only on relieving your symptoms. They do absolutely nothing about correcting the underlying problem.

The problem with medications is they’re basically “quick fixes” that are short-lived and leave you open to potentially dangerous side effects, many of which are just now coming into focus due to new research being released.

Other treatments like physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, and even chiropractic are often good treatments but can be ineffective, again, because they stem from a misdiagnosis or do not address both the cause and all 4 factors of migraine at the same time.

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Why Doesn’t My Regular Doctor Use This Treatment?

The way general practitioners are trained is to basically learn the checklist of symptoms that constitutes a disease. Then, once there is a diagnosis, choose a medication that is required for that diagnosis.

This type of care can be effective for straight-forward illness or injury, but does not address pathophysiology of complex and chronic diseases, such as migraines. It is treating the symptom, not the root cause.

The approach of a general practitioner is extremely effective for emergency or life-threatening situations, but not necessarily functional or chronic issues.

Also, this does not just go for general practitioners… Most alternative medicine practitioners use this method too! For instance, if you go to an acupuncturist, you are going to get acupuncture. If you go to a chiropractor, you are going to get chiropractic. Same with many other types of treatment practices.

Dr. Adam Harcourt has spent many years earning several post-doctorates, and is earning more as we speak. This allows him to have several different types of treatments in his tool belt. For this reason, Dr. Harcourt is able to zoom out and examine a patient objectively, and, therefore, treat the patient in the way that is BEST for that individual.

When Dr. Harcourt does your initial examination, he will perform several neurological tests to pinpoint which area of the brain is causing the breakdown that allows your migraines to occur. Then he will determine your triggers, based on your history and a thorough musculoskeletal examination. Additional testing such as balance and postural analysis, hormonal lab testing, peripheral vision awareness testing, nutritional and/or vestibular testing may be performed on a case-by-case basis. Based on all of this data, Dr. Harcourt puts together a highly customized treatment plan - no 2 cases are alike! He will present a Report of Findings, which explains what he found at your exam, your treatment options, and estimated length of care. Treatments can include Brain rehabilitation, nutritional programs, hormonal treatment, customized vestibular rehab, eye movement therapy, neuromuscular rehabilitation, non-invasive peripheral nerve stimulation, high-frequency vibratory therapy, and/or various manual therapies. He will also teach you customized at-home neurological therapies that you can do at your leisure. Many people who have tried many migraine treatments in the past that may not have seemed to help or did not work, were most likely because of not combining appropriate neurological treatments with eliminating all triggers at the same time. Based on how migraines occur, these treatments may have been done correctly, but if not done in combination with all of the other migraine triggers, may have seemed unsuccessful. By combining all of these treatments at the same time, Dr. Harcourt has created one of the most successful migraine programs in the world.

To see if you might be a good candidate for the Imagine X Migraine Program, take the Migraine Qualification Questionnaire by clicking here:

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