Mastering Migraine

The Book by Dr. Adam Harcourt that Will Help You Finally Understand Migraine, How to Correct its 4 Main Factors and Take Your Life Back!


Over the past decade, Dr. Harcourt has poured over migraine research, condensed it down into 4 main factors, his ‘Bucket Theory’, and has developed one of the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward explanations of migraine available. In his book he explains that the 4 main factors of migraine are Hormonal, Nutritional, Musculoskeletal and Neurological, which must each be treated comprehensively as well as simultaneously for best results. Patients find that most doctors are in their own lane and that it can be difficult to coordinate multiple different practitioners and get them all on the same page. Dr. Harcourt’s book aims to teach you what migraine actually is, and steps you can take to help move you down the spectrum of migraine. Ultimately, Mastering Migraine will help put you in control of migraine, rather than having migraine control you!


“This book helped me understand migraine for the first time and helped me know what steps to take to get my life back!”

“The most succinct explanation of migraine and how to properly manage it I’ve ever read. Thanks Dr. Harcourt!”

“Finally! A doctor who actually gets migraine! I’ve seen so many doctors who seem to have no clue how to properly explain migraine, much less begin to actually help me besides prescribing a medication. Now I feel like I can actually have the control I’ve been seeking for years.”