Suffer from a Concussion, Whiplash or Traumatic Brain Injury?

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Dr. Adam Harcourt is one of the leading doctors on Concussion Treatment. He has developed the Imagine X Concussion Program, which is one of the best and most cutting-edge concussion programs in the country. Dr. Harcourt has developed the program based on the latest research (some of which is his own), his years of experience seeing concussion patients, and his passion for finding the root cause of post-concussion symptoms and correcting them. Patients can see significant improvement in post-concussion symptoms within a matter of days with our 1-week concussion program. Patients are so happy to have their life back!

Dr. Harcourt uses the latest research-backed diagnostic testing to pinpoint functional or cognitive brain impairments. He finds the root cause of why you're having post-concussion symptoms and provides brain rehab to correct the problem and reverse the symptoms. He continuously measures patients' progress and refines treatment as needed. Through his extensive evaluation and treatment process, he helps the brain to restore impaired functions by encouraging targeted activity in damaged areas that helps rebuild neural pathways.

The program accommodates both local and out-of-town patients. Patients from out-of-town are able to visit for 1 week and return home with significant improvement. Patients must be pre-screened and qualified for the program. Please take the Post-Concussion Qualification Questionnaire and our office will contact you.

Learn why the Imagine X Concussion Program is bringing patients to Santa Barbara from literally all over the world. You can read success stories from some of our concussion patients on Yelp and Google.

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Equipment Tells Us If You’ve Had a Concussion Within Minutes

helping improve the quality of life for your young ones. we use state of the art equipment in our facilities

People Who Sustain a Brain Injury are 3X More Likely to Sustain a 2nd Brain Injury and 8X More Likely to Sustain a 3rd

When Dr. Harcourt does your initial examination, he will perform several neurological tests to pinpoint which area of the brain is causing the breakdown that allows your post-concussion symptoms to occur. Then he will determine your triggers, based on your history and a thorough musculoskeletal examination. Additional testing such as balance and postural analysis, peripheral vision awareness testing, nutritional and/or vestibular testing may be performed on a case-by-case basis. Based on all of this data, Dr. Harcourt puts together a highly customized treatment plan - no 2 cases are alike! He will present a Report of Findings, which explains what he found at your exam, your treatment options, and estimated length of care. Treatments can include Brain rehabilitation, nutritional programs, customized vestibular rehab, eye movement therapy, neuromuscular rehabilitation, non-invasive peripheral nerve stimulation, high-frequency vibratory therapy, and/or various manual therapies. He will also teach you customized at-home neurological therapies that you can do at your leisure.

How the Imagine X Concussion Prevention Program is Changing the Game - Literally!

Dr. Harcourt has also developed a very exciting, one-of-a-kind program that can actually help prevent future concussions! The Imagine X Concussion Prevention Program improves over reaction time and neck strength simultaneously to keep concussion from happening in the first place, OR to prevent additional concussions from happening. He employs the Dynavision D2 with specific, customized sequences based on what that particular patient needs to improve on based on the exam.

The program is 4 weeks of customized therapies including Dynavision D2 treatment, which improves reaction time, speed and coordination so that you can see a hit coming and be much more likely to avoid it. Focused, specific neck strengthening exercises will prevent a more serious concussion if a hit does happen. Research has shown that for every 1 pound of increased neck strength, concussion risk drops by 5%. With our neck strengthening program, we are seeing patients improve their neck strength by up to 17 pounds - Do the math!*

Dr. Harcourt is leading the charge on concussion treatment, prevention and research. Dr. Harcourt explains, “Improving reaction time allows the patient to see an impact coming and, in just a split second, avoid a heavy concussive hit.”

Secondly, he uses a cutting-edge device called the Iron Neck® to increase neck strength so that if an impact does happen, the neck will absorb most of the impact rather than the brain. Dr. Harcourt discovered the Iron Neck® when he went to the Super Bowl in Houston, TX in early 2016, where he attended the First and Future event. “It’s basically Shark Tank for the NFL” reports Dr. Harcourt.

The Imagine X Concussion Prevention Program is preventing both adults and children from getting their first, OR additional concussions. Multiple concussions are often seen to make symptoms worse and worse each time. After an initial concussion, subsequent concussions can happen with much smaller hits, and the symptoms are much more severe. We see that the symptoms are either compounded on top of each other, or that additional symptoms occur with more hits to the head - even small hits. The Santa Barbara community begs for a program of this caliber, which is why the program has been such a success.

Dr. Adam Harcourt

Dr. Adam Harcourt

Dr. Harcourt is a great resource for the Santa Barbara community and surrounding because of his vast knowledge of concussion and brain injury. Dr. Harcourt is the owner of Imagine X Functional Neurology and board president of Jodi House Brain Injury Support Center. He volunteered at Jodi House for 3 years before being asked to join the board, and eventually elected to lead as board president. Dr. Harcourt is also a Professor of Clinical Neurology at the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies, where he travels both domestically and internationally instructing current and future Functional Neurologists. He has 2 current papers from 2016 that he presented at the International Symposium of Clinical Neurology (ISCN) to be published in Frontiers of Neuroscience on his treatment of Concussion and Migraine. He is also currently performing concussion research to be published and presented at ISCN 2018. He and his wife are heavily involved in community service and are passionate about educating the community and beyond that disorders such as migraine, concussion and dizziness are often correctable without medication alone.

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A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that results in disrupted brain function, stretching and damaging of brain cells. Even though some of the damage caused is not readily detected by the victim, a concussion can cause effects that are serious, lastinConcussion, weeks or even years.

The Truth About Concussions

Possible Symptoms of a Head Injury Headache Irritability Slowed Reaction Time Trouble Concentrating and Reading Change in Normal Sleep Patterns Memory Loss Dizziness Visual Disturbance Trouble Reading

After Life-Threatening Things Like A Brain Bleed are Ruled Out at the ER - That’s When To See A Functional Neurologist

Young Brains Are More Susceptible

Young brains are more susceptible to head injury than adult brains. Young brains may also require more time to recover. After a concussion, the possibility of sustaining another concussion is greater, in addition to the amount of time it may take to resolve the new condition. New information now indicates that females may be more susceptible than males and that susceptibility may be genetically linked.

What You Can Do For Post-Concussion Symptoms!

Imagine X Functional Neurology uses the latest research-backed examinations and in-office diagnostic testing equipment to pinpoint functional or cognitive brain impairments. We offer intensive, individualized methods that allow us to continuously measure our patients' progress and refine treatment regimens. Through our extensive evaluation and treatment process, we help the brain to restore impaired functions by encouraging targeted activity in damaged areas that helps rebuild neural pathways. Through our extensive interaction and feedback with our patients, we facilitate the process of re-activating the pathways in the brain, paving the way to a more fully functioning neurological system and a more vibrant and restored lifestyle.

Success Stories

"I've had several concussions throughout my lifetime. As a result, I've experienced chronic fatigue, light sensitivity, dizziness and headaches. I've sought the advice of numerous doctors and was taking several medications just to get through the day. Since seeing Dr. Harcourt and his staff, I've begun to remember what normal feels like." - Tim, Santa Barbara, CA

"I'm a D-1 softball player at UCSB and I got a concussion a year before coming to Imagine X. I had daily headaches and vision issues that were holding me back. I couldn't practice with my team or even run without getting a headache. Dr. Harcourt and his team helped significantly improve my eye tracking and my headaches are now gone. I am back to practicing and playing with my team. Imagine X has even helped me improve my game with their athletic performance program. I am amazed and recommend Imagine X to all my fellow athletes." - Alyssa, Goleta, CA

To read more success stories, go to Yelp or Google. *As with any medical treamtent, results vary from case to case. WATCH: The Shocking Truth Behind Concussions in Young Athletes. Warning: This is hard to watch. This is the shocking truth behind what can happen to our kids in a normal practice or game. BE INFORMED. BE AWARE. BE PROACTIVE. Join Our Mission! Learn what Imagine X Functional Neurology is doing to help. Call 805-962-1988 to set up FREE pre-concussion baseline screenings at your school.