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Welcome to
Imagine X Functional Neurology!

Our offices are located at:

804 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara in the iconic Old Presidio Building.


9675 Brighton Way, Suite 418, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 in the heart of the downtown Beverly Hills triangle.


Find the Root Cause. Correct it Drug-Free.  

Specializing in Migraines, Post-Concussion Syndrome &

Migraine Headaches: The Imagine X Migraine Program is one of the best and most cutting-edge migraine programs in the entire world. Dr. Adam Harcourt has developed a custom program based on the latest research (some of which is his own), his years of experience seeing migraine patients, and his passion for finding the root cause of migraines and correcting it. The program has 2 options, a 1-week intensive schedule, or over a few weeks. Out-of-town patients are often able to be seen on the intensive schedule and are able to return home with significant improvement. Go to our Migraine Specialty page and watch our video about why the Imagine X Migraine Program is bringing patients to our offices in Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills, CA from literally all over the world. You can also read success stories from some of our migraine patients on Yelp and Google.

Dizziness/Vertigo: If you've ever had vertigo, then you know just how debilitating it can be. Our doctors will test to determine which type of vertigo you have (yes, there is more than one type) and pinpoint exactly which treatment will correct it. Our doctors have an unbelievable success rate with eliminating vertigo, and quickly. Learn more here: Dizziness

Head Injuries, Concussion, TBI, Whiplash: After a head injury, tests can be performed at the E.R. to rule out anything life-threatening. Even if an MRI shows no brain lesions or tumors, there is almost always some type of functional damage. If so, our doctors will be able to correct it. Functional issues from a concussion are almost always reversible. In fact, most patients report even better function than they had before!

Persistent Pain: Do you have neck, back, knee, shoulder or sciatic pain that you've had for years that nothing has seemed to help? If so, you are the perfect candidate for Imagine X. Even if you have already tried physical therapy, acupuncture, body work, or even chiropractic with little to no success, there is usually a neurological component to your pain, which is why nothing else has worked. Our doctors are highly trained in FNOR, which combines applied functional neuroscience, orthopedic care and modern rehabilitative methods to achieve faster, more effective, consistent results. Learn more by clicking here: Chronic Pain

For information about treatment of another condition, feel free to call our office 805-962-1988. We are happy to help.

Yes! We take Personal Injury Auto Accident cases and are willing to work with your attorney or insurance company on a lien until your case is settled. 

Please call our office for more info to see how we can help with your case.

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  • "A great practice. Caring, helpful, knowledgeable and when I'm there, I feel like I'm the only one that matters. I highly recommend going in for a consultation with anything that might be bothering you. You'll be glad you did!*"
    - Julie M. / Santa Barbara, CA

*As With Any Medical Treatment, Results Vary From Case To Case.